Frequently Asked Questions – Answered By Support Team of BroadWalk India

Q – Who should opt for this service?

A – New start-ups, Existing Businesses without a website, Bloggers, Influencers, artists, everyone who wants to create the first step towards their sustainable online presence.

Q – Do I need to pay the entire amount in full?

A- Yes, we must start procuring your services like domain name and hosting for you hence all our services are paid upfront.

Q – Is there a maintenance cost after 1 year?

A- Yes, at the end of 1 year you would have to pay for hosting, domain, and website maintenance fees.

Q – What is the amount I need to pay for the maintenance after 1 year?

A- Depending on your select package the cost would vary. The exact cost can be determined by contacting us.

Q- Is there any additional expense apart from the initial 1-year cost?

A – No, there is no additional or hidden cost.

Q – What happens if my website goes down?

A – All our package includes regular back-ups; in case of an unforeseen breakdown, we will use the last restore point available to restore your website. However, in case of any major issue, we may have to troubleshoot the issue, certain issues may take more than a day’s time in such a scenario we will make sure that your visitors are aware of the issue by putting a website down notice.

Q – Can I make changes after the site is pushed live?

A – Yes, we support minor changes like the updating of pictures and texts for the duration of select packages.

Q – Which platform is used to build my website?

A – We use mostly WordPress, however depending on the project other platforms are available on demand.

Q – Can I open an eCommerce website?

A – Yes, we have an eCommerce website as an additional service.

Q – Is my website going to be secured?

A – Yes, all the websites that we create show secured connection signs using SSL technology. No additional charge is required for this service since we believe in quality work and love what we do!

For any other questions please write to our support team via the contact us page.