What are Organic search results?

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In Web search engines, organic search results are the query results that are calculated strictly algorithmically and do not suffer from advertiser payments.  They are distinguished from various kinds of sponsored results, whether or not they are explicit pay-per-click advertisements, shopping results, or other results where the program is paid either for showing the result or for clicks on the result.

Organic search results are also the systematic discoveries on an inquiry search engine results page (SERP) that appear because of factors such as relevance to the search term and valid search engine optimization (SEO) efforts rather than because of search engine marketing (SEM) or trickery.

The position of a link on an inquiry results page is important.  counting on the search term, organic search results often structure only a small portion of the page. Since ads are at the highest of the results page, on a tool with a relatively small display — such as a notebook, tablet, or smartphone — the visible organic search results may contain only one or two items.

When using Google to search your inquiry, searches on Google appear because it is relevant to someone’s search terms. Google works with every tick of time to improve users’ overall search experience by showing high authoritative quality links with quality content with matching keywords based on users’ search inquiries.

On contrary, Non-organic search results are paid advertisements. They appear as ads above organic results containing an “Ad” box. The ads for the proper organic results have an “Ads” box above them.

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